Selenium Builder 1 – Introduction and Getting started (UI Automation)


Today we will learn:

1. What is Selenium Builder
2. How to install and get started with Se Builder
3. How to Record a small UI Automation Test (Login)
4. How to Run the recorded test on Selenium Server
5. How to export the recorded test in different programming languages

Step 1 : Firefox – install Se Builder – restart Firefox

Step 2 : Firefox – Tools – Web Developer – Launch Se Builder

Step 3 : Start recording

Step 4 : Run the recorded test on Se Server
A. Download Se Server jar
B. Place the jar at any location
C. CMD / Terminal – goto the location of the jar file
D. java -jar “jar file”

Step 5 : Run and validate your test

Step 6 : Saving and exporting recorded test

Note: download the latest geckodriver for your OS and put the binary in the same directory as your standalone server jar.


Selenium YouTube Playlist

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