Jenkins Beginner Tutorial 2 – How to setup Jenkins on Tomcat


Running Jenkins standalone (jetty/winstone) vs Running Jenkins on Tomcat

***Tomcat 5 or above***
***java(7 or above) should be available***

Step 1
Download Tomcat

Step 2
Unzip and place tomcat folder at any location

Step 3
Copy/Place the jenkins.war file inside tomcat/webapps folder

Step 4
Goto commandpromt (cmd) – windows | terminal – mac
– goto tomcat/bin directory
– make all files executable : chmod +x *.sh

In case of windows this command will not work. This step might not be needed if you are on windows. Else you can right click on the file/folder goto security tab and change the permissions.

Can watch –
TOMCAT – How to install and run on Windows | Change Port | Run app

Step 5
Start Tomcat : ./
(to shutdown tomcat : ./

Step 6
Verify if tomcat started : browser – http://localhost:8080

Step 7
Verify if jenkins is running on tomcat : http://localhost:8080/jenkins

*** To start jenkins (standalone) on a diff port***
java -jar jenkins.war – – httpPort=9090


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