JMeter Intermediate Tutorial 4 – How to generate Graphical results


Today we will learn:

1. Download and set Graphs Generator Listener
2. Create a HTTP Test Plan
3. Generate following graphs
– No of Hits vs Time
– Response Time vs Time

4 UI and CommandLine execution

Step 1
Download JMeter Graphs Generator Listener Plugin

: Download JMeter Command Line graphs plugin

Restart JMeter

Step 2
Create a Test Plan – Add Sampler – Add Generate Graphs Listener

Step 3
Add data as per requirement

Step 4
Run and Validate

Step 5
Command Line Execution

In file in your jmeter/bin directory,
Set the following properties:


# This will enable correct graphs display

# which deal with threads after reloading the results file.;

# This is needed to ensure all results are

# available when Listener runs


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