JMeter Intermediate Tutorial 1 – How to run JMeter test from Jenkins


JMeter + Jenkins

Step 1
Install Jenkins

Step 2
Get Jenkins Performance Plugin

performance.hpi file – put into Jenkins – Plugins folder
Restart Jenkins

You can also install this plugin form Jenkins – Plugin Manager.

Step 3
Goto Jmeter/bin – add line :

Step 4
Create a Jmeter test

Step 5
Run JMeter test from command line

cd /Users/raghav/Desktop/Tools/apache-jmeter-3.0/bin/
sh -n -t /Users/raghav/Desktop/JmeterJenkinsIntegrationTest.jmx -l /Users/raghav/Desktop/TestResult1.jtl

Step 6
Add a job in Jenkins – add jmeter commands in build step

Step 7
Add post build action – publish performance test reports

Step 8
Run and validate


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