JMeter Beginner Tutorial 22 – How to test File Upload


Today we will learn:
1. How to create test for file upload
2. How to record test for file upload

1 How to create test for File Upload

Step 1 : Create a Test Plan – Thread Group – HTTP Request

Step 2 : Add values in HTTP Request sampler

Step 3 : Add File Upload details

Step 4 : Add Listeners to view results

Step 5 : Run and Validate

2 How to record test for File Upload

Step 1 : Add Template – Recording

Step 2 : Provide a port number (e.g. 8181)

Step 3 : Set browser to listen to this port

Step 4 : Start Recording

Step 5 : Filter the samples you need from recorded samples

Step 6 : Run and Validate

Helpful Tips:

In case you face any issues..
Check the following :

Method is POST
Use multipart/form-data for POST Box is checked
File location | Parameter | Mime Type are correct
Check the logs for any other error

In case you face any issues in recording the scenario…
Watch : How to use Test Script Recorder


References :


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