JMeter Beginner Tutorial 21 – How to use Test Script Recorder


Today we will learn :

1. What is Test Script Recorder
2. How to record your test with it

Helpful Tips

1 What is Test Script Recorder

is a workbench element
used to record user actions on browser

2 How to record with Test Script Recorder

Step 1 : Add Test Script Recorder in WorkBench
WorkBench – Non-Test Elements – HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

Step 2 : In a Thread Group add
Logic Controller – Recording Controller

Step 3 : Add the values in Test Script Recorder parameters

Step 4 : Set Browser Proxy Configuration

Step 5 : Install the certificate in your browser (if required)

Step 6 : Start Recording

Step 7 : Run and validate

Helpful Tips:

Use JMeter’s inbuilt Recording template
You can use the in-built template – Recording

to start quickly
to save time and effort

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