JMeter Beginner Tutorial 20 – How to use TEMPLATES


Today we will learn :

1. What are JMeter Templates
2. How to use Templates
3. How to create your own Template

1 What are JMeter Templates

Reusable project scripts

User can select any template and it will generate a Test Plan with basic and necessary components

2 How to use Templates

File – Templates – select a template and start building over it.

3 How to create your own Template

Step 1 : save your test plan as .jmx file

Step 2 : place the .jmx inside jmeter/bin/templates

Step 3 : edit templates.xml file to add your template

Step 4 : restart JMeter and check


isTestPlan=”true” : template will create a new test plan
isTestPlan=”false” : templat will be merged into existing test plan
name : Name of the template
fileName : location of .jmx file
description : description will be displayed in html


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