API Testing Beginners Course

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Duration:  7 Days
Time:  7:00 am to 8:00 am IST 
Students allowed:  10

Note: This will be an online training conducted via GoToMeeting.
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Price:  $50.00
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API testing is a type of software testing that involves testing application programming interfaces (APIs) directly and as part of integration testing to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. Since APIs lack a GUI, API testing is performed at the message layer and can validate application logic very quickly and effectively. API testing involves testing APIs directly (in isolation) and as part of the end-to-end transactions exercised during integration testing.

In this course, I will start from scratch, from the very basics and go up step-by-step. Do not worry if you have never done API testing. I will teach you different tools that can be used to do automated API testing. We will learn everything as per the course outline below.

About Trainer: Raghav, has over 10 years of experience in software testing, especially in automation testing, DevOps & CI. Worked as automation test architect and delivered several automation testing projects. He teaches automation testing and related concepts on online platforms like YouTube and Udemy.
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Course Outline:

  • What is API
  • How API work
  • Major types of APIs (web services)
  • What is SOAP
  • What is REST
  • API Testing basics
  • API testing with JMeter
  • API testing with SoapUI
  • API testing with Postman
  • API testing with Katalon Studio
  • API testing with CURL
  • API Testing best practices
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Q&A / Discussion