JMeter Beginner Tutorial 3 – How to use Assertions


Assertions = checks on the Response

1. Response Assertion

2. Duration Assertion

3. Size Assertion

4. HTML Assertion

5. XML Assertion

6. XPATH Assertion



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Comments 2

  • Hello Sir,

    Ankit is here, first of all, thank you so much for JMeter tutorial they are very helpful and easy to understand.

    So my question is, I understand that how to use assertion and perform load testing but I did not getting how can I test 1000 of call/HTTPRequest together and check whether they are working or not because adding 1000 HTTP request in a thread is not the right way to test. If is there any solution please let me know.

    • Hi Ankit, the first thing will be to categorize your requests. You might need to put different requests with different loads as per real-world scenarios. You can create multiple threads for these categories and can run the threads from command line simultaneously.